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Strategically located, Cue Roadhouse and General Store operate as a petrol retail and service station, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, convenience store, Australia Post, Lottery West outlet, and recently a successful motel. The Roadhouse currently retails over seven million liters of diesel per annum principally to the heavy transport market.

The introduction of green hydrogen opens up a large potential market with possible major new clients both in state-wide transport (such as Centurion) and in regional transport from mine to port (such as Australian Vanadium Limited). Planning a major expansion of processing plant for final conversion and sale of high-quality vanadium pentoxide for use in steel, specialty alloys, and energy storage market scheduled for 2022/23.

Diesel or gas combined with renewable energy will be used for power at the mine site with both road haulage and mobile plant as opportunities for alternatives such as hydrogen-fuelled or electric haulage trucks (currently being investigated).

Cue Roadhouse’s location along the Great Northern Highway and the accessibility to truckers as well as the provision of an extensive range of products and services positions it as having a compelling competitive advantage.