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David Cavanagh

Chief Hydrogen Officer

David Cavanagh is a qualified engineer and managing director at energy consultancy Integrated Energy. David Cavanagh’s work in analysing the data to understand the state and national scope of green hydrogen, has paved the way for this exciting venture to gain momentum. With three decades of energy and resources experience across the globe working with major clients in energy, and five years in hydrogen, as well as governments and universities in three countries, David brings the talent to the table to provide the expertise necessary for this work.

    About Me

    His modelling on car and truck movements across Australia demonstrates the potential for a billion dollars of value creation in WA, contributing, not just a viability case for Hydrogen West, but also attracting the interest of WA state government in the opportunities for green hydrogen.  David is a recognised technical authority in hydrogen mobility in land, sea and air, and helps write the Australian Standards for hydrogen.  Together with the team at Integrated Energy he has developed hydrogen related projects worth more than $30 billion in Asia Pacific and Europe