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Accelerating Western Australia's Transition To A Hydrogen Fuelled Future

Transition To A Hydrogen Fuelled Future

Creating Western Australia’s leading network of Green Hydrogen refuelling stations.


Few opportunities arise in the life of a business where a threat becomes an opportunity. It is the combination of entrepreneurship, partnerships, technology expertise and leadership, that can turn a threat into a multi-million dollar opportunity.

Hydrogen West is the perfect working example of a rapidly growing business seizing an opportunity to bring clean energy – Green Hydrogen – to WA. Adoption of hydrogen is at an emerging stage, yet decarbonisation is now critical for both the industry and the WA government.

Under the leadership of Davyd Hooper, CEO of Top Group, owner-operator of roadhouses, service stations and commercial buildings across the state, and David Cavanagh an engineer with three decades of energy and resources experience across the globe working with clients in energy, Hydrogen West is determined to build W.A.’s first integrated network of hydrogen stations, enabling hydrogen to compete increasingly against incumbent fuels, like diesel, while at the same time contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.


We’re building a 100-year company.

Removing carbon from the atmosphere is an essential way to slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases on our planet and reduce our impact on a warming climate. Hydrogen West and Top Group are committed to prioritising energy efficiency, sustainable site development, water-saving, and other environmental measures in our mission to decarbonise the environment through the application of green hydrogen for the transportation sector.

We are in it for the long term.

Environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) issues are here to stay and will continue to rise in scope and numbers. Top Group and its subsidiary companies, including Hydrogen West, are growing rapidly and are committed to being best-in-class in respect of universal ESG standards and as a member of an economy moving towards zero emissions by 2050.


Davyd Hooper

Founder & CEO

Angela Hooper

Chief Financial Officer

David Cavanagh

Chief Hydrogen Officer

Jason King

Business Development Manager

Our Projects

Hydrogen West is currently seeking a suitable site with heavy vehicle safe access, to construct and operate a Hydrogen service station in Kambalda. This site will form a strategic link between the West and the East, enabling the future hydrogen facilities to supply heavy-duty trucking running from Perth to the Goldfields, or further east from Kambalda to near the WA border with South Australia at Madura.

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Located close to the main route south of Perth, and the planned future Karnup rail station, the retro-styled business includes a service station outlet with bowsers that dispenses unleaded fuel, premium unleaded petrol, and diesel products.

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Top Group also owns and operates the Del Park Roadhouse business that comprises a Service Station outlet with bowsers that dispense unleaded fuel, premium unleaded petrol, and diesel products.

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Strategically located, Cue Roadhouse and General Store operates as a petrol retail and service station, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, convenience store, Australia Post, Lottery West outlet and recently a successful motel. The Roadhouse currently retails over seven million litres of diesel per annum principally to the heavy transport market.

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Our Hydrogen refuelling points will soon be in your smartphone app

Watch this space for announcements of our upcoming Hydrogen West app

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Stage 1
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (3) – Q4 22* – Q2 23

Stage 2
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (6)-
Q4 23

Stage 3
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (10) Q2 24

Stage 4
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (14)- Q4 24

Stage 5
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (20)- Q2 25

Stage 6
Hydrogen Refuelling Station (26)- Q4 25